Take all I have, I didn’t need it anyways.

Just a reminder to everyone and specifically my sister Sasha Trinh Phuong Le, I am your sister, I am only 21, I am a full-time uni student and I do work really hard- if you happen to forget because you tend to quite  a lot. Although I am your carer, I am not by any means your mum. I look after you to the best of my abilities while trying to survive myself. I make your sure your neccessities are met and I can’t guarantee I will be there all the time but I am sure you do have a roof over your head, you have food to eat, school to go to, books for school, clothes to wear. 

Sometimes I think you forget that I work really hard. 6pm-4am shifts 4 or 5 times a week whilst going to uni 5 days a week 5am wake up and not getting home till 5pm before heading off to work. Oh and btw, you also forgot that I have IH/ narcolepsy too or that I am human too.

While I am not rich, I am doing well considering the situation that we are in compared to the other 21 year olds that i know. 

So when you decide to pursue soccer which costs an arm and a leg. 900 a season, 6000 american trip, physio, national trips and the lists goes on- knowing full well that even if you make it to national stage to represent australia, it is not a career but a hobby- you will pay to play. 

I do understand that you love the sport and I do want you to be able to play because I know how it feels to not be able to do somthing that you want. There is a limit. for example a 6000$ 2 week trip to represent australian futsal. 

I dont have 6000$ to spare. I’ve got $500. or atm $8.01. I have also got bills to pay, a car loan to pay off and if have you havnt noticed- i will be jobless for the next year because I’ve got placement for my uni degree to which I wont be able to work. I will be living off 400 a fortnight before everything is paid. And you really need to get your shit together and realise that we are not fucking rich because while you are spending thousands of dollars on a career that get you nowhere- I am struggling to survive. I am ready to sell my soul. I cannot afford to pay double rent and double everything because you cant get your shit together to sort of your youth allowance. Go on take everything I have, I didn’t need it anyway.

1 month ago
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